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Milla + Dennis Trash the Dress | Yountville & Baker’s Beach, CA

A perfect June wedding was held in Sacramento and the following day, at a little town called Yountville, incorporated in Napa County, two lovers were not hesitant to hit the road with me for a Trash the Dress session. We were both anxious and excited to be at a spot that we’ve never been to before, marking the love of these two young hearts, Milla and Dennis.   I love these sessions, because of how relaxed  the newlyweds are, and all the attention they get from people off the streets! Spotlight was definitely on them! We always grab a bite to eat, to give ourselves some energy to go on with the session. Dennis mentioned to me how he loves a  wide and scenic portrait feel for his wedding photos. And Baker’s Beach was a great location they chose to capture their story! Hope you all enjoy!


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Jenelle + Matt Country Engagement Session | Loomis, CA

I LOVED this beautiful Country Engagement Session! The day could not have been anymore perfect! I had the chance to photograph Jenelle and Matt at their family property. A 6-generation, 102 acre home on top of a mountain. Nothing but fields of wheat and stunning pastures everywhere!  The lighting was stunning for a late spring season! These two are so perfect for one another. I am so excited to be photographing their wedding this year! I hope you enjoy their session.

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Lena + Alex Wedding | Lodi, CA

A couple of weeks ago it was about time for the two lovers to tie the knot. The April wedding of gorgeous Lena and Alex took place at “Wine and Roses” in Lodi, California. The faces of this lovely couple might be familiar to you. We did an engagement session with them back in January at a ranch park.

Lena’s custom made wedding dress looked spectacular! While the bride got ready in a signature bridal suite with a beautiful balcony view, the coordinator was reorganize the outdoor ceremony to happen inside. It was raining! Omw, we have not had much rain this year and we aren’t complaining about weather at all, but that would have been something sweet in this nice surrounded by vineyards and lush greenery, unforgettable luxury Lodi hotel settled in northern California’s wine country.

But Julie, the wedding coordinator had a lot of backup plans to offer so they moved the place for the ceremony inside a large canopy . It was tight for about 90 people but very emotional and touching.

Lena and Alex have been dating each other for 2 years and had a 2 year engagement. What makes them so perfect for one another is their passion to pursue the same dream.

For their wedding, they wished a very relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, people should only have fun without any time pressure and one thing happening after the other. And it exactly was like that. I could not believe how many really good friends people can have. Seriously their friends are such a fun group and they all know each other since ages.

One memorable moment was the bread/honey toast that the moms did, which is a traditional Russian culture; korovai is served as a blessing and torn in two to determine who will wear the “pants in the family” so to speak, and honey is to be eaten after the wedding to ensure healthy offspring and a sweet life.  Can you guess who won this competition?

Alex’s mom enjoys belly dancing so she had invited her close friends to entertain the crowd throughout dinner, they love to party and know how to have a good time.

Being together for such a long time already and still in LOVE for each other is a gift and I am are very happy to have met you guys! Here is to wish you all the best for your future and thank you for having me.



Ulyana - Very beautiful wedding. Sooow happy made wedding flowers for this Lovely couple.

Lexy - These are absolutely stunning. I love the uniqueness without the cheesiness. I’m in love! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

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